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At Future Forest, we prioritize creating a safe and inclusive environment. All team members, contributors, volunteers, and attendees must adhere to this Code of Conduct for all Festival-related activities.

Health & Safety:

  • Future Forest strictly prohibits drug or alcohol abuse, underage alcohol consumption, and the possession/use of illegal substances.
  • No one, including team members, contributors, volunteers, or attendees, should be involved in possessing or selling illegal drugs.
  • Please familiarize yourself with our policies and act in accordance with them.
  • In medical emergencies:
    • Seek immediate help; this could mean finding someone with a radio for first aid or directly contacting the medical team.
    • Report incidents involving violence, harassment, or potential harm to the security or safety team.
  • While at the festival, be cautious around art installations, equipment, and fire pit. Report safety concerns promptly.


  • We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour, such as:
    • Verbal, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.
    • Discriminatory language, gestures, or actions.
    • Harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, or any targeted offensive remarks.
  • Report any harmful behaviour or risks to Future Forest staff immediately.
  • Report any property damage, theft, or vandalism to the Safety team immediately.
  • Our team and volunteers must remain courteous and professional with everyone at the Festival.
  • If you’re affiliated with Future Forest, you represent us at the event. We may take action if anyone fails to uphold this Code of Conduct.


  • We are committed to environmental respect. We ask that everyone:
    • Use reusable water containers.
    • Properly dispose of garbage and recycling.
    • Avoid making fires.
    • Refrain from littering, especially in the Little River.
    • Avoid using soap or contaminants in the river.
    • Protect the natural wildlife and their habitats.
  • Before making any statements or decisions that could impact Future Forest, including media statements or incurring expenses, consult a Future Forest representative.
  • If you believe there’s been a violation of this Code of Conduct, notify a Future Forest representative. We’ll address the matter promptly.

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