Future Pass 2.0 (Lifetime Membership)


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Introducing Future Pass 2.0

New for 2023
Complementary Future Pass for minority artists.

What is the Future Pass?

Future Pass is a lifetime membership program created by Future Forest to diversify, connect and innovate the arts community.

What is the deal? Is this just another fee?

Future Pass was created to improve the festival experience for everyone, including staff, artists, participants and volunteers.

How does Future Pass improve the Future Forest experience?

  • Increased safety and security
  • Promote inclusivity, diversity, equality and equity for artists
  • Part of our in-depth music application review
    • Application is reviewed in three separate processes
    • Every selected artist is fairly compensated
    • Every artist who isn’t selected receives a discount on tickets
    • Artist can apply each year
    • Reduces the chances of biased selection of artists
    • Gives every applicant a fair opportunity to play
    • Encourages participation and attendance
  • Member feedback (customize the festival to the needs of members)
  • Member forms (increased communication within the community)
  • Member profiles
  • Member rewards (discounts on Future Forest touring shows and other businesses)
  • Member loyalty (special discount coupons for members)
  • Member (expedited entry)
  • Increased accountability (members can lose membership privileges)
  • Eliminate volunteer deposits (Replaced with Credit Card Hold)
  • Digital Membership ID Future Pass 2.0

We are developing a roadmap for Future Pass 2.0 in 2023, with new features being developed and other improvements.

  • Currently, we are working on adding the Future Pass in Apple Wallet and a similar google feature

How long is the membership valid?

Lifetime, unless you have privileges removed (How to lose your membership)

What happens if I misplace my card?

As of fall 2022, Memberships are now digital, and you can save your Future Pass QR code from here.

Memberships must be purchased by the account of the person for whom the membership is as it is attached to your account. Only one membership can be purchased per account.

Membership is not required to attend the festival.


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