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Introducing Future Pass

What is Future Pass?

Future Pass is a lifetime membership program created by Future Forest to connect participants and grow our community.

Whats the deal is this just another fee?

Future Pass was created as a solution to improve the festival experience for everyone including staff, artists, participants and volunteers.

How does Future Pass improve the Future Forest experience?

– Increased safety and security
– Member feedback (customize the festival to the needs of members)
– Member forms (increased communication within community)
– Workshop registration
– Member profiles
– Member rewards (discounts on Future Forest touring shows and other businesses)
– Member loyalty
– Increased accountability for all members (members can lose membership privileges)
– Eliminate volunteer deposits (volunteers will only need a valid membership)
– Holographic membership card

How long is the membership valid for?

Lifetime, unless you have privileges removed (How to lose your membership)

What happens if I misplace my card?

Replacement cards can be reissued for $15

Memberships must be purchased by person whom the membership is for. If this is a gift please note in order comment with username of whom the membership is for. Only one Future Pass per account. If your billing address is different than membership name please mention in comments!

Membership is not required to attend the festival.

Future Pass not available until fall of 2022


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