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Future Pass 2.0 (Lifetime Membership)

We are offering a complimentary Future Pass to minority artists as part of our commitment to diversify and invigorate the arts community.

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So, what exactly is the Future Pass?

It’s a lifetime membership program by Future Forest, aimed at enhancing connections and fostering innovation within the arts scene.

You might wonder, is this just another expense?

Not at all. The Future Pass is designed to enrich the festival experience for all involved, from staff and volunteers to artists and attendees.

The benefits of the Future Pass include:

  • Enhanced safety and security measures.
  • A commitment to inclusivity, diversity, equality, and equity for artists.
  • A thorough music application review process, which involves three separate stages to ensure fairness.
  • Fair compensation for every selected artist.
  • A ticket discount for non-selected artists, who can reapply each year.
  • A reduced likelihood of biased artist selection, giving everyone a fair shot at participation.
  • Member-focused improvements such as tailored festival experiences based on feedback
  • Member rewards, including discounts on Future Forest tours and affiliated businesses, loyalty coupons, and faster festival entry.
  • Increased accountability with the possibility of losing membership privileges for misconduct.
  • A move towards digital membership IDs with Future Pass 2.0, eliminating the need for volunteer deposits, which are now secured with a credit card hold.

We’re currently developing new features for Future Pass 2.0, including integration with Apple Wallet and a Google equivalent.

Membership is for life, but it can be revoked for certain actions.

If you lose your card, don’t worry—memberships are now digital, and you can easily save your Future Pass QR code from here

Each account can only purchase one membership, and it must be for the account holder.

Purchasing a membership isn’t a requirement to attend the festival.


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